In For a Penny, In For a Pound

The Shadow Clock - Lamia Matriarch fight-
by 山鹿愛子 Aiko Yamaga

We take out all 3 shifters and Posh drops out of rage. We acquire 3 masterwork longswords.

     At the top of the tower we find a 'bed' of once fine pillows and fabrics. Vielyn flour bombs it and then casts fairy-fire on an aura of magic. The fairy-fire outlines a snake/woman with a strange spikey headshape floating 2-3 ft. off the floor

     I pull my bow and D declares “Surrender of die!” The figure does nothing.<!— Xanesha, a lamia matriarch in the service of the awoken Runelord Karzoug. —>

I fire and deal 7pts of damage.

The Snake Lady appears to start a sleep spell.

Posh rages, charges SL but misses.

Sue move up and take a swing at SL and also misses.

Tashi fires and misses.

Blaze takes up a position under SL but can't reach her tail.

Vielyn casts Hold Person, but it doesn't stick.

D holds.


I move to a pre-flanking postion, but miss when I fire.

Xanesha, lamia matriarch

SL becomes visible, but now has 5 other images of herself around her. She is the only one outlined in fairy-fire.  

Posh misses.

D touches Sue with Bull-Strength.

Sue deals 9pts. Damage.

Tashi misses.

Blaze misses.

 Vielyn tries Hold Person again. No effect. 


I sneak into a flanking postion and deal an arrow to her stomach -23pts.

SL is now mad and wounded.

Posh misses.

D casts Aid on Posh.

Sue deals 14pts of damage.

Tashi fires and deals 7pts.

Blaze misses.

Vielyn casts Acid Dart and misses.


I sneak another arrow and deal 16pts of damage. SL falls unconscious from the drow poison on my arrow.


Posh attacks her and deals some more damage.


I tie her up while D and Posh deal some subdue damage. We pull off a magical mask magical snake-skin tunic and a magical trident.


     Vielyn finds a scroll with a list on names. Some names have been crossed out (eg. Foxglove) and the name Haldmeer Grobaras, the mayor of Magnimar, has been circled and has an arrow pointing to it.

     Vielyn starts discussing taking the onyx statue from the roof. This starts an argument with D and Sue about ethics and if it would risk enmity with Magnimar. Vielyn suggests swapping it out for a fake statue, but they end up dropping the subject. We take SL's pillows and fabric to clean up and sell.

     D finds a Sanhidren medallion in the snake-skin tunic.

We put her in the wagon with the remnants of the golum and take them back to the temple.

     At the temple, we talk with Lady Scalda and find that the clock tower is a city monument and seams to be under a curse that keeps it in the horrible state that it is in.

     Vielyn identifies our loot and we divide it amongst ourselves. I get to keep my Elven Cloak, Sue gets a Ring of Protection. Tashi gets the Snake-skin Tunic.

The Shadow Clock -Infiltration-
by 山鹿愛子 Aiko Yamaga

We use the sawmill's wagon to stack the dead/unconscious for transport. I've securely tied the cultists so if they wake on our trip back to the temple, they cannot cause a bother.

We reach the temple without incedent. Lady Scalda takes charge of our capture and Vielyn takes a few days to decode Ironbriar's journal. I use the down time to brew 4 Spider Climb potions, 10 Cure Light Wound potions and 2 Dark Vision potions.

We reconnoiter the Shadow clock with help from our new raven friends then retire to the inn. I finish making my potions.

The next evening, we come back to the Shadow clock and go inside. It is falling apart.

On the ground floor we find a flesh golum draped in an Elven Cloak. As we approach the stairs, it wakes with a crash. It is carrying a scythe.


The fight:

I use my telekinesis to pull the cloak from its shoulders and fold it into my pack as I move up the stairs for a sniping position.

Veilyn hits it with an acid dart.

The golum hits Posh and D heals him with a moderate damage spell.

Posh moves in, rages and deals the golum 8 pts of damage.

Sue attacks it and deals 7pts.

The golum misses Posh.


I fire at it, but miss.

Veilyn slows the golum with a fire sphere for 7 rounds.

The golum misses Posh again.

D uses a touch attack and deals 7pts of damage.

Posh misses the golum and grazes his own shoulder (-3pts)

Sue misses.


I miss again. It's huge, you'd think I'd hit it easily.

Veilyn hits it with an acid dart and deals 7pts damage.

The golum misses Posh.

D moves to flank it next to posh and deals 4pts damage.

Posh swings and deals 29pts of damage.

Sue deals 10 pts of damage to it.


At this point, the golum makes a run for the door.

D deals 24pts damage to it as it passes him and kills(destroys?) it.


I drink my Dark Vision and give my spare to Sue. I put on the elven cloak and it adjusts to my size and fit. We tie a rope to me and D for safety and I proceed up the stairs using a pole to test the way as I go.


About 100ft. from the top, we hear a rope snap and some beams and a bell fall toward us. It grazes me as it falls and we are all deafened by the clang when it hits the bottom. I drink a cure light wounds potion to recover from the graze.

It takes long enough for us to reach the top that we recover our hearing by the time we get there.

At the top we see the 4th bell was cut from its place. I proceed to the outer scaffolding. D slips and we have to pull him up. We decide to attach D to Sue and me to Posh. WE make it into the upper tower room without further incident.

We've entered a small rookery and proceed out to the next room. Vielyn gives Sue worning and she ducks a sword swipe from a surprise attack. Posh and D move into the room and flank Sue's attacker. I take a knee in the doorway and draw my bow.


Vielyn stands above me and fires. He hits the doorway above my head.

I fire and graze my target with a drow poisoned arrow. My target passes out from the poison.

D lands 8pts damage to his target which then ripples and changes form to something really ugly.

Ugly misses his attack on Sue.

The other conscious guy (3 targets in the room total) ripples and turns into the same kind of ugly as the first Ugly. Ugly Too attacks me and deals 17pts damage.

Sue attacks Ugly and deals 10pts damage.


Vielyn gives me an armor boost.

I drop my bow and using my short sword swing at Ugly Too, but miss.

D blesses us all.

Ugly attacks Sue and misses.

Posh deals Ugly 13pts damage.

Ugly Too misses me.

Sue deals 12pts damage to Ugly.


Vielyn throws a dart at Ugly Too and it bounces off.

I miss my swing at Ugly Too.

D swings and misses, spinning like a top. He'll be sick for a while.

Sue hits Ugly and deals 9pts damage.


Vielyn deals 7pts acid damage to Ugly Too.

I miss it again.

Ugly strikes at Sue and misses.

Posh fells Ugly.

Sue deals 13pts damage to Ugly Too.


Vielyn watches as I miss Ugly Too yet again.

Ugly Too misses.

Posh misses.

Sue deals 20pts damage to Ugly Too and spins it around – it is flat footed!


Vielyn watches the ongoing failing Aiko aptitude test. I've missed again.

D smashes in Ugly's head.

Posh flanks Ugly Too and deals damage.

Ugly Too misses me again.

Sue deals 11pts damage to Ugly Too, taking it down.

Raid on the Seventh Sawmill -Magnamar-
by 山鹿愛子 (Aiko Yamaga)

Correction to old session notes: not all cults are illegal in this town just the skinsaw men cult and the worship of Norgorber.
Norgorber: God of greed, Secrets, murder, and poison.

We head to the Temple of Torag trying to keep alert for someone following us. Vielyn notes and non-verbally alerts the rest of the group that we do have a tail. We set up an ambush with Posh and Vielyn as bait and Tashi and myself melting into the Shadows. A figure in nondescript clothing follows them. Tashi has her firepelt companion, Blaze, trip him and he goes down. I jump on him to tie him up, but he rolls out of my grip. I still managed to tie his hands. We see he's wearing a grotesque mask that Vielyn says is necromatic. We get him secured and get him to his feet. Pulling his hood as far forward as it will go, we take him to the Temple of Torag.

While waiting at the temple for a priest, I tie our attacker so his fingers are isolated and immobilized. His hands are also isolated and immobilized. His feet are tied together. The priest who comes to greet us is an elderly dwarf named Lady Scalda. She leads us to a room where we can speak freely. Vielyn brings her up to speed with today's events. We ask for help.

Lady Scalda uses her power to identify the mask (skinsaw men cult) and cut it from our would be attacker. His face is heavily scarred with fresh cuts aligning with the seams of the mask. He has a feral look to his eyes as if he wants to kill us all.

Lady Scalda gives us a token from the Temple as a form of I.D. and sends D. with us. In the upcoming raid, we are to try to take Justice Ironbriar alive, but she understands that accidents can happen.


We catch a cab back to the Sawmill. Most of the Sawmills on the island aren't running at this late hour, including the 7th Saw Mill. I scale the mill building to case the place to get a head count and possible Escape Routes. Above the office I find a rookery with Ravens in it. No one is on the ground floor. There are over 4 on the 4th floor and three Ravens in The Rookery.

The doors of the iron mesh cabinet hold the ravens. In the Rookery there is a table with writing supplies, a bucket and some other things. We Spike the double doors on the first floor then we go to The Rookery. We cover the bird cabinet and jam the lock taking the paper, ink and stone off the table. We quietly enter the office which has no one in it. In the office is a rocking chair with a pile of blankets.

We peek out of the office and see 12 acolytes in a semi circle around Justice IronBriar who is standing above bound figure that is not moving. Vielyn uses color spray on the group and takes out 6 of the acolytes. Tashi and I use our bows on them. Tashi makes a four-point damage I miss. Posh then steps out and says “why have you summoned me?.!” And rages. He hits an acolyte with his sword and please the guy in half. Sue fires but misses. I invoke the blessing of the kitsune and am gifted with a 20point spell resistance for the duration of our fight.

Our fight then begins in earnest. The acolytes pull War razors out to attack. Sue takes one out of a guy's hand. Ironbriar cast a spell on two of the acolytes, two others start their own spell Tashi fires and kills her first man. Posh cleaves another acolyte in half.

Sue disembowels a guy who's still standing, though badly hurt. Blaze gets a muscle cramp, poor thing. I graze Ironbriar with a drow poisoned Arrow. He ends up mad at me with two points of damage. Blaze gets an attack of opportunity and kills its Target. Tashi fires and hits an acolyte with a shield of faith, he's down to one hit point. Posh killed another Acolyte and moves to face Ironbriar. Blaze kills his acolyte.

I moved 15ft and fire at Ironbriar and miss. Tashi moves but holds her action. Ironbriar is now invisible with an Unholy mask on. Posh swings but misses. D holds where he is. Sue holds where she is. Vielyn cast fairy fire and outlines iron Briar. Blaze goes to swipe at Ironbriar but misses. I managed to hit him with an arrow and do only five points of damage. Tashi fires but misses. Ironbriar goes into the quiet room.

Posh takes a swing at him and hits doing 15 points of damage and killing him. Now that our fight is over we have 6 unconscious cultist and a figure who was alive but deeply unconscious. So we secure the cultists and searched the place.


As for loot we have off of Ironbriar: a wand, I miss real shirt, a magical War razor, and a magical mask.

From the closet we have: their robes, Masterwork War razors, unused masks with a fate necromatic magic about them see the original guy we took to Torag.

From the office we find, a Foot Locker inside we find: books, sea charts, an etching and some maps, a book forgotten School of magic alchemic, a painting, a wizard spell book, hand drawn the Serpent's something rather of the edit, and a ledger and journal assuming they for justice iron dryer.

In the desk quills, ink, a quill nice, paper, parchment, and some other odds and ends.

What we found in the cult supplies are robes, 300 gold pieces, three potions, at obsidian decanter set, and a small box with three diamonds.

On the third floor closet we find nails, saws, and training tools. On the second floor we find timber, and other large Lumber.



Everyone has a Date
by 山鹿愛子 Aiko Yamaga

    Posh goes to clean up for his "date". On his date, Posh finds out more about himself and his relationship with Galdi. Meanwhile, Sue and Vielyn stay in their rooms to tinker. I go to Underbridge to find anything I can about the Brotherhood of Seven, Zennisha or an Assassin's teacher.

   What I find: while at a disreputable drinking hole, I hear rumors that the clock tower is haunted and about skin saw men at The Sawmill here. I spend 10 silver on this info. As I go home, I am almost accosted by a couple of would-be muggers. I escaped to the roof and use the sky highway to get to a better part of town and make it back to the inn without further incident.

  Meanwhile Posh says goodnight to Galdi, saying that it would be nice to go out again sometime.

  When I get back to the room, Sue shows me that she can levitate small objects.(Apparently I can too?) The next morning we go back to the marketplace and sell the rest of our loot. We hear that D is with some people from the Temple of Torag, so we head to the temple to find him.

  As far as the temple knows, our deed is the only copy to the house. The Brotherhood of seven has a long and bloody history, connected to the cult of Norgorber. They are rumors the BoS own the 7th Sawmill. Also rumored that they have members in high government here in Magnimar.

  We go to the 7th Sawmill to "ask for pricing for our renovations". We Make our way upstairs to the office of The Sawmill when finally on the third floor we find a closet. In this closet there is a barrel with 3 bags of coins, three potions, a crystal decanter set with an obsidian stopper, a tiny wood box. We also find 24 ceremonial robes connected to the skinsaw men.  Vielyn steals one of the robes to later ask Aaliyah to identify them. As far as she can tell the robe is from a cult of the skinsaw men which is a sub cult of Nogorber. (This cult, as all cults in this town, is illegal.)

   Finally in the office we meet Justice IronBriar, he gives us a low price. In fact his quote is suspiciously low at 25% cheaper than we can get at the next two Mills we go to. We suspect that Justice IronBriar is a member of the skinsaw cult. He is the manager of the Seventh Saw Mill.

 Side note: the Scarni organized crime Group which we discovered owns The Sawmill in Sandpoint, has its main office here in Magnimar.

Shopping in Magnimar
by 山鹿愛子 Aiko Yamaga

We go back to the golden Hedgehog to meet with the young girl and her mother. The mother sees Sue and greets her like an old friend, bypassing Posh. She then takes Posh back to the office to talk.

This is their private conversation:

Her name is Galdalina. She is Posh's wife of 25 years. They have two daughters the eldest Alina, and a 12 year old named Linley. Galda, Posh and Sue went adventuring until Galda got pregnant. They found a man who, for price, sent Sue and Posh to another dimension and changed their appearance. This was 10 years ago. All of this was done because Posh and Sue had run afoul of some drow and this was necessary for their escape.

When Posh recovered from this surprise, he pulled Sue aside to warn her about any incoming danger. We end up discussing everything as a group.

The next morning I take a few hours to disguise Sue and Posh. After a wonderful breakfast, we head to the local temple of Toreg. We asked for help with the Reconstruction of Thistle Top. We are assigned brother Fordor. We also ask for guidance with regards to the contents of the contract about foxglove Manor. D. asks for a discreet investigation into his past. We then move on to a market bigger than Sandpoint!

We started off by converting and bartering the goods we didn't want to use anymore. We exchanged our very large Ruby for an artificer's kit and some materials. I got a great price on a couple of bags of holding. We get an acceptable price for cure light wounds supplies.
We head back to the golden Hedgehog for a bite of dinner. Posh has a date tonight with his wife and D is his guard and chaperone.

Going to Magnimar
By 山鹿愛子 Aiko Yamaga

Auldern is dead. The Manor has been burned twice. We go back and report to the Town Council. We got a list of places to see in Magnum are. Also we are warned from venturing into the under bridge area of magnimar. 
Note: I should go there to find an Assassin's teacher. 

Sue gets a letter of inheritance to the contents of the foxglove townhouse in Magnimar. The house is owned by the organization that he owed money too. The Brotherhood of Seven.
Note: the Brotherhood of seven is a shadow organization. Made of Highly Successful men who have their own Star Chamber and therefore act outside the law.

Before we headed to Magnimar we checked in with the Wolves at Thistle Top. Then we headed to Magnimar. We took two days (leisurely) to get to Magnimar. We got redirected to the main gate. Once, in the city, we procured rooms at the golden Hedgehog. When a serving gnome-girl walked by, she was very shocked to discover Posh (her father)?! We beat a hasty retreat to the foxglove townhouse.
The foxglove townhouse is 3 stories tall. It had Gardens that have been maintained, but not a lot of recent search traffic. There was a front Courtyard. After confirming the front door was safely locked, we decided to do a walk around.

We walked in, the house was cold dark and empty. The first door led to a dismantled hunting Trophy Room. The room off of the trophy room was a dining room with a very nice Dining set. There was some nice cooking gear and flatware and silverware in the kitchen. In the study we found a ransacked desk. In the lounge we found some nice chairs and a chaise lounge now slashed. 
Upstairs on the second floor, paintings were torn from the walls. Someone was searching for something specific. 
In the library we found books on the floor. We found a Butler's room and a bedroom. 
On the third floor we found the master bedroom And a study with a bed. In the study we found the cache we and the Ransackers were looking for. We put the cache back the way we found it without the goods inside.

The Exploration of Foxglove Manor
By 山鹿愛子 Aiko Yamaga

Foxglove Manor looks like it will slide off the side of the cliff it is built on and plummet to the sea some 300feet below. Covered in diseased mold and wisteria vines, hardly any light can make it through the grimy windows. Inside the manor was once decorated as a hunting lodge. Now it is haunted.

Tashi was almost strangled to death by a red scarf, I was swept into a waltz, and Sue saw some 'Parents' arguing.

Just past the atrium on the ground floor, is a large rug covering mold in a spiral pattern. Hanging on the wall next to it is a shrunken monkey head with a bell rope dangling from its mouth.

On the second floor of Foxglove Manor (where Sue saw the ghosts), Dräüg surprises us while in the 'music room'. We move to the NE bedroom to find it covered in thick green/blue/black mold. When Sue opened the door, it disintegrated, leaving the knob in her hand. She handed it to Posh.

Upon stepping into the room, Vielyn tried to claw his face. We restrain him and he immediately calmed. He said that he saw boils and sores on himself and had an overwhelming urge to claw it off. The possession left as we restrained him.

The bathroom floor is totally rotten and we collapse it so as to not have a surprise collapse later.

In the NW room we heard a woman's voice shriek- “What do you get up to in the damp below?!” The whole room had been purposefully destroyed. The only thing left untouched was a portrait that had been turned around to face the wall. When Posh and Dräüg turned it around, I was overtaken by a rage against females. Sue pried me off Tashi (poor thing) before I could do any damage to her. After a few minutes, I recover.

Just south of this room, we find a stair leading up.

On the third floor of Foxglove Manor, we find a set of double doors that lead to a cobweb laden portrait gallery. When Vielyn collects the cobwebs, the room goes cold and the paintings morph to show what happened to their subjects. Ziva Foxglove looks identical to Tashi.

The West bedroom is not a dilapidated as the rest of the house. Posh felt as if he should go to the desk and slit his own throat with a dagger, but declines. The desk in question has a large splinter of wood instead of a dagger resting next to a blood stain.

Note- Aldern's father's portrait showed that he died from having his throat slit

In the attic, the first door lead to a recently damaged workroom. The ceiling is in bad shape with sky visible. Repairs are seen as recent as last year. There are pots set out to catch leaks, placed in the past month. The second door lead to a room stacked high with furniture. The third door showed a store room filled with now fragile linens. The fourth door was a room filled with boxes and crates of dishes and the like. The fifth door was a room with one crate of rope and a bunch of painting supplies. The sixth door lead to a bedroom containing a bed, a night stand, and a trunk with butler livery in it.

At this point of our explorations we heard a scream of pain coming from the NE area of the attic.

The seventh door lead to a small room containing a desk and chair. There were two windows, one broken out, and a telescope on its side near the desk. Looking up we saw a trapdoor in the ceiling that had been tied shut with rope.

At the eighth room (location of the scream), we heard an other scream. The door had a difficult lock which I picked. We opened the door to discover the room is very cold and damp. A few crates were set against the North wall and a full sized mirror leaned against the chimney flue to the south.

As we moved into the room, we heard a woman sobbing. When I moved to the crates, the sound stopped; then drifted to the mirror. When a stick poked the mirror, an apparition yelled " Aldern, I can smell your fear! " and quickly moved out the door and back down the hallway (South).
It led us down the stairs, to the first floor into the basement, through a kitchen area, down another set of steps into a set of natural caverns, through these to open a door to another cavern.
We found Aldern sitting in the middle of the room. He greeted Sue, Tashi gave him pause and he cringed away from her. He pleaded for us to save him. As he told us about The Hurter and The Lord, he turned into a ghoul.
The lady apparition attacked him and did a little damage before he destroyed her. Aldern smelled like rotten meat.

We found a letter in the cavern with Aldern.

" Aldern, 
You have served us quite well. 
Your Mistress, 
Wanton of Nature's Pagan forms"

We took a bound Aldern, the portrait of Aisha, the broken filactry, and the razor. As we left, we left oil all over the house, caverns, etc. And set fire to it all. 

Note: The fungus in the cavern was an undead fungus. (see the research for its name.) Also, "She" is Zennisha, Aldern met her in Magnimar. She is the person who got Aldern to work a spell that made him into a Ghoul.

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